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See how Get Your Way can elevate your business to the next level with the aRdent smart glasses

Boost Quality Control with aRdent smart glasses

Empower your quality control process by digitizing each step. Follow instructions right from your field of view and input data on the go.
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Quality control

Quality control is crucial, but it can often be a manual and tedious process. With aRdent smart glasses, quality control becomes more intuitive and effective. As operators navigate through a series of procedures, instructions are projected directly into their field of view, enabling hands-free operation. This leaves their hands free to focus on the task, eliminating the chance of forgetting a step or making an operational error.

Our smart glasses become even more powerful when paired with our keypad. This combination allows for the input of additional data, such as oil level checks. These inputs, along with the proof of performed checks, can then be digitized and integrated into the customer's systems, creating a seamless data flow.

aRdent smart glasses with a smartphoneDisplay example shown on aRdent smart glass for quality control

In scenarios where a smartphone is paired with aRdent, operators can scan QR codes and even capture images during the process. While these operations remain manual, the added convenience of hands-free instructions greatly enhances the overall efficiency of the quality control process.

Enhanced Accuracy

Step-by-step guidance, right in your view.


Digitally capture data while performing checks.


Seamlessly input data into your existing systems.

Optimize Picking with aRdent

Access order details directly from your line of sight, pick and update order status simultaneously, no need to put anything down or interrupt your workflow.
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Order assembly or 'picking' can be a complex task. It involves collecting a series of items from the warehouse, with each item uniquely identified by location, barcode, batch number, and quantity. Juggling this information while physically gathering items can be daunting and often requires a paper list. aRdent brings a revolutionary solution to this challenge by providing the information directly in the field of view, enabling hands-free operation.

Whether on foot or operating a forklift, the worker can focus on collecting items without having to refer to a paper list continually. Each item is picked sequentially, ensuring nothing is forgotten, and safety is maintained.

aRdent smart glass with wearable keypadDisplay example shown on aRdent smart glass for laboratory technician

If an item's quantity is unavailable, the worker can easily update the quantity using our digital keypad. Once the order assembly is completed, the list can be directly transferred to the company's system, eliminating transcription errors and enabling immediate digitalization.

Order Accuracy

Guided picking, ensuring nothing is forgotten.


Immediate digitalization, eliminating transcription errors.


Hands-free operation for safe picking, even on forklifts

Streamline Manufacturing Procedures with aRdent.

Follow complex assembly instructions right from your field of view. Keep your hands free for the job, not for the manual.
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Manufacturing procedures

Manufacturing or assembly procedures consist of a series of operations or instructions that often need to be executed with free hands, making it impractical to refer to a manual. Whether it's a large-scale operation like working on an airplane engine or smaller tasks in a workshop, aRdent shines by providing necessary information directly in the operator's field of view, allowing for a truly hands-free experience.

Our smart glasses are not only lightweight and comfortable, but also allow for mobility and accessibility in complex environments. They can be the perfect assistant in areas that are hard to reach or where moving back and forth to consult instructions is not an option.

aRdent smart glassesDisplay example shown on aRdent smart glass for custom manufacturing procedures

Working with direct access to information also enhances safety. Every operation is covered, nothing is forgotten, and there's always a way to verify the correct way of doing things. From substantial to more minor tasks, whenever undisturbed, hands-free information access is required, aRdent is there to help.

Customization Efficiency

Real-time information and access to custom procedures of manufacturing

Procedure Accuracy

Ensure each operation is executed correctly.

Training Efficiency

Give an intuitive and interactive way to learn and follow procedures to new workers

Revolutionize Inventory Counting with aRdent

Perform accurate inventory checks single-handedly. No more switching between tasks - just smooth, hands-free operation.
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Inventory checking traditionally requires a list of items, each identified by various specific information like barcode, location, serial number, and many more. This process, while necessary, is often tedious and prone to errors. It generally requires at least two people, one to count and one to record. Doing it alone could be inefficient as it involves frequent switching between counting and recording, leading to time waste and possible counting errors. Moreover, transcribing the data later could introduce additional errors.

aRdent redefines this process by making inventory counting a single-person job. It presents the specific information of each item in the operator's field of view, thereby enabling quick item identification and hands-free operation. The digital keypad allows the operator to update quantities effortlessly, eliminating the need for separate record-keeping and subsequent transcription. Inventory checking becomes more accurate, swift, and above all, enjoyable. Discover a new technology while performing an essential task, turning a traditionally mundane job into an exciting and efficient experience.

aRdent smart glasses and keypadInventory screen


Digital input minimizes counting errors.


Single-person operation, no more switching between tasks.


Make a mundane job fun with cutting-edge technology.
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Custom solutions for you

You don't know how to use smart glasses in your company. Get Your Way also develops customized solutions for companies to use aRdent smart glasses to improve the efficiency, the security and the confort of your people.
Get Your Way team will work with you to understand your specific business needs and goals, and will develop a solution tailored to your unique requirements. Contact them today to see how they can help your business reach new heights.
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Custom solutions

At Get Your Way, we pride ourselves on providing innovative solutions to improve the efficiency and productivity of your business. Our aRdent smart glasses revolutionize the way you access information and instructions, allowing you to easily follow complex protocols and simplify processes. But our expertise doesn't stop there. We are also specialized in crafting custom solutions for any industry, whether it's construction, healthcare, logistics or even food service.

Nicolas Dessambre - CEO at Get Your Way

Nicolas Dessambre

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Antoine Malherbe - CTO at Get Your Way

Antoine Malherbe

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Pierre Jenchenne - CFO at Get Your Way

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We are experts in active listening and understanding our clients' needs. We work closely with you to understand your goals and propose a solution that perfectly fits your needs. We also have the ability to customize the applications to make them even more efficient.