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See how Get Your Way can elevate your business to the next level with the aRdent smart glasses

Quality control

Enhance quality control accuracy through hands-free, direct access to data and detailed records.
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Quality control

With the ability of our keypad to read Excel file and display them in the field of view,  aRdent is making the process of quality control faster, easier, and more accurate. Procedures may be strictly followed and digitally validated. The user is guided through every step of the process. The digital record allows for easy tracing and referencing of previous checks, thus reducing the error rate. Manual note-taking and data transcription are eliminated, thereby saving time and increasing productivity. Thanks to the user-friendly design even complex quality control procedures can be performed by untrained user.

aRdent smart glasses and keypadDisplay example shown on aRdent smart glass for quality control

Time saved

Record data while performing measurement.

Data tracking

Keep detailed records of quality controls.


Carry out long quality control, even without experience.
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Laboratory technician

Efficiency in your laboratory work is at your fingertips with our keypad and the aRdent smart glasses. By digitizing your processes, you'll save time, eliminate the need for handwritten notes, and reduce the risk of errors.
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Laboratory technician

Our aRdent smart glasses, paired with its keypad, revolutionize laboratory work by providing hands-free access to information and instructions, allowing scientists to easily follow complex protocols while using the tool. The device's lightweight and comfortable design make it convenient for all-day use in the laboratory.

aRdent smart glass with wearable keypadDisplay example shown on aRdent smart glass for laboratory technician

Our keypad allows laboratory technicians to easily access and follow work procedures, which are read from an Excel file and displayed in their field of vision. The keyboard allows for real-time data recording, eliminating the need for manual note-taking and data transcription at the end of the experiments.

Time saved

Stop searching for written instruction and taking note for each task.

Error rate

Easy double-check measurements and instructions. Record data while performing measurement.


Focus on high-value tasks.
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Manufacturing Procedures

Enable factory workers to easily access and validate custom manufacturing procedures and real-time data, increasing efficiency and accuracy
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Fast-food cook

The use of aRdent Smart glasses in factory can greatly improve the efficiency and accuracy of custom manufacturing procedures. By providing workers with hands-free access to procedures and real-time data they are able to focus on their tasks while having the information they need readily availabe. Workers no longer have to stop and manually search for the information they need, allowing for faster task completion. The aRdent smart glasses also provide new workers with an intuitive and interactive way to learn and follow procedures, reducing training time and costs.

aRdent smart glasses and keypadDisplay example shown on aRdent smart glass for custom manufacturing procedures

Workers also focus on their tasks and improve their awareness of their surroundings, reducing the risk of accidents. The real-time information and access to procedures also allow for easier traceability of products throughout the manufacturing process and improvement in the flexibility and scalability of the manufacturing process.

Customization Efficiency

Real-time information and access to custom procedures of manufacturing


Ensure traceability of products throughout the digital manufacturing process

Training Efficiency

Give an intuitive and interactive way to learn and follow procedures to new workers
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Remote assistance

Upgrade to our smart glasses with remote assistance to revolutionize your business operations, increase productivity and reduce downtime by allowing your technicians and employees to receive real-time guidance and instruction remotely from experts in the field.
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Remote assistance

Our remote assistance solution using Vuzix M-Series smart glasses provides hands-free, real-time assistance for technicians. The glasses have voice recognition, a camera, microphone and speaker for audio communication, and connect to a smartphone, tablet or PC. This allows remote experts to access data and control the glasses remotely to assist technicians in real-time. With real-time guidance and instruction, the smart glasses improve efficiency, safety, and reduce downtime resulting in cost savings and increased revenue.

Vuzix smart glassesRemote assistance with GYW smart glasses

Reduce wasted time

Technicians can solve problems more quickly and efficiently, reducing the amount of time they spend fixing issues.


By providing real-time guidance and instructions, the smart glasses can help technicians complete tasks more quickly and with fewer errors.


By providing technicians with clear, detailed instructions, the smart glasses can help reduce the risk of errors or accidents on the job, improving overall safety for both technicians and the equipment.
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Custom solutions for you

You don't know how to use smart glasses in your company. Get Your Way also develops customized solutions for companies to use aRdent smart glasses to improve the efficiency, the security and the confort of your people.
Get Your Way team will work with you to understand your specific business needs and goals, and will develop a solution tailored to your unique requirements. Contact them today to see how they can help your business reach new heights.
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Remote assistance

At Get Your Way, we pride ourselves on providing innovative solutions to improve the efficiency and productivity of your business. Our aRdent smart glasses revolutionize the way you access information and instructions, allowing you to easily follow complex protocols and simplify processes. But our expertise doesn't stop there. We are also specialized in crafting custom solutions for any industry, whether it's construction, healthcare, logistics or even food service.

Nicolas Dessambre - CEO at Get Your Way

Nicolas Dessambre

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Antoine Malherbe - CTO at Get Your Way

Antoine Malherbe

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Pierre Jenchenne - CFO at Get Your Way

Pierre Jenchenne

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We are experts in active listening and understanding our clients' needs. We work closely with you to understand your goals and propose a solution that perfectly fits your needs. We also have the ability to customize the applications to make them even more efficient.

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