Laboratory worker

With hands-free access to all of the necessary information, laboratory worker can fully concentrate on their tasks without the distractions of searching for notes or referring to written instructions. In addition, the ability to easily double-check measurements and instructions with the connected glasses can significantly reduce the error rate in laboratory work.



Quality control

Change the way your quality control is performed. With the ability to read structured data files like an Excel spreadsheet and display them in the field of vision, these glasses are making the process of quality control faster, easier, and more accurate.

Two-wheeler delivery

Avoid distractions from an external device, Navigation instructions dedicated to micro-mobility, route information, work or approaching hazards, the information is in sight!

77 000


Order preparation

Keep your hands free while seeing the items in an order being prepared live. Lists of items, actions to be taken, notifications of a new order, the information is at your fingertips!