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your business

With assisted reality

GYW display exampleGYW display exampleGYW display exampleGYW display example

Free your workers' hands to improve their comfort, safety and efficiency.

See how
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Improve the well-being of your employees by easing their memory and by reducing their stress with a comfortable and easy to use device
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Increase the security of your people by showing them safety information while they work and focus on the task at hand with a hands-free tool
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Reduce time wasted searching for information and improve business efficiency by displaying these details during operation

The power of assisted reality

Assisted reality (aR) allows displaying information in workers' field of vision while they are focusing on an active task with their hands free. It digitalizes the working processes and improves their comfort, their security and their efficiency.

Thanks to its simplicity, aR is easier to implement and to deploy than other augmented, mixed or virtual reality technologies.
Assisted reality in logistics

A versatile solution

Connect your glass to any device with Bluetooth capabilities. Your smartphone or your computer can send data directly to the aRdent glasses using a simple Bluetooth API.

Use the aRdent smart glasses as a heads-up display for any app or service, and start creating the business of tomorrow.

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aRdent 1 pack

  • 1 aRdent smart glass
  • 1 headband
  • 1 extra battery
999€ (excl. VAT)
Get Your Way starter kit

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Jan 25, 2023

From paper to assisted reality: the digitalization of Alpha Innovations

Alpha Innovations adopts Get Your Way's assisted reality technology, the aRdent smart glasses, to optimize its production chain. Find out how!
GYW founders in Laeken with the Belgian Queen
May 25, 2023

Get Your Way meets the King of Belgium!

Get Your Way joins the celebration of the King of Belgium's 10-year reign at the Royal Palace of Laeken. Representing Liège alongside Hervé Jamar, we were honored to be among the 50 guests invited by the province governor.
Photo of GYW team
Apr 13, 2023

Get Your Way, the birth of a technology startup at VentureLab

In 2019, we embarked on an entrepreneurial journey with VentureLab, without really knowing where it would lead. Find out how this organization helped us turn a university project into a legitimate startup.

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