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About us

Our story

Get Your Way (GYW) was founded in March 2019 by three students with a passion for entrepreneurship. The project began as part of the StarTech program at the University of Liège, where the team developed the concept for a connected smart glass aimed at guiding cyclists and runners during their outings. This innovative idea helped them reach the final of the StarTech competition and ultimately win the first prize.
The success of this initial project sparked a drive for innovation and entrepreneurship within the team, leading to joining the VentureLab in March 2020. Throughout the year, the team developed the first prototype, created an application for their first client, and officially launched the company in 2020.
Despite entering a competitive market dominated by tech giants, GYW's approach of simplification and democratization of the technology has helped the company stand out and secure funding from leading technology actors in 2022. In January 2023, GYW continues to grow and develop through its partnership with the Walloon technology accelerator WSL.
After having their first prototype in March 2022, aRdent smart glasses reached the state of MVP in May 2023. This allowed us to set up our first on-site deployment and to participate in numerous projects with Pole Mecatech. The team is now trying to push those projects and to reproduce them in the industry.
Nicolas Dessambre - CEO at Get Your Way

Nicolas Dessambre

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Antoine Malherbe - CTO at Get Your Way

Antoine Malherbe

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Pierre Jenchenne - CFO at Get Your Way

Pierre Jenchenne

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Our mission

At GYW, our mission is to empower indivuals and businesses to work more efficiently and effectively through technology. We believe that by democratizing such a powerful technology and making it accessible to a wider audience, we can improve the working conditions of employees and create a positive impact on the society.
Our mission is to simplify technology and to focus on the essentials. We understand that technology can often be complex and overwhelming, which is why we take a different approach. Instead of focusing on virtual, mixed, or augmented reality, we advocate for a simplified approach with assisted reality. This approach allows us to focus on the essentials and improves the user experience.

Our journey

March 2019

Birth of the project within the University of Liege in the framework of the StarTech program

ULiège logo

October 2019

Grand prize of the StarTech competition organized by WSL, technological accelerator

Startech logo

March 2020

Start of incubation at VentureLab, student incubator

VentureLab logo

August 2020

Development of our solution for our first customer

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December 2020

Creation of the company Get Your Way

GYW logo squared with background

March 2022

Release of our first aRdent prototype

Get Your Way first prototype

January 2023

Walloon technology accelerator WSL

WSL Logo

May 2023

aRdent smart glasses reaches the state of MVP

aRdent smart glasses with a smartphone