With its lite-tech and low-cost positioning, Get Your Way opens the market of connected glasses to new sectors and allow smart glasses to finally reach the SMEs .

Bicycle delivery man, letter carrier, order picker, laboratory assistant, social rehabilitation, nurse, maid, hard of hearing, museum,... GYW glasses can facilitate the working conditions for many professions.

Bicycle deliveryman

No more being distracted by a phone with work instructions and GPS navigation: everything is in front of the driver's eyes. The display in front of only one eye and on only a part of it allows to have this information while remaining focused on the road and on the different dangers it represents. Get Your Way glasses bring a triple benefit: more safety, more comfort and more productivity!


A new audio-visual guide has arrived. Thanks to its dynamic interaction with its environment, display the information of a museum piece right before your eyes. Enter the area of a painting and a full description will appear before your eyes!

Laboratory technician

Procedures and descriptions of operating modes can be displayed in front of your eyes while keeping your hands free. When training or learning, it becomes easy to follow the steps.

Don't waste time waiting for the end of a reaction, put a timer in front of your eyes, the glasses will indicate the end of your reaction without using your hands.


Thanks to the connected glasses, the delivery person has access to the information needed for his delivery directly. No need to memorize his next stop, the exact address is right in front of his eyes. No need to remember the way, the navigation instructions are right there too. If you're not used to traveling on a tour or to a particular location, Get Your Way's glasses are there to help you feel more comfortable there and focus on your work. This device is perfect for new delivery drivers who can more quickly become self-sufficient with specific information or tips from more experienced delivery drivers.



Keep your hands free while seeing the items in an order being prepared live. Lists of items, actions to be taken, notifications of a new order, the information is at your fingertips! Reduce the error rate and make it easier to get started.


Keep your hands free while knowing where to go and what to do. Items to be picked up, trips to be made, guidance in the warehouse, notifications of new orders, storage location to be reached, the information is at your fingertips!


Access patients' daily treatment directly by displaying it before your eyes. With a geolocation system, enter a room and get a summary of the patient's treatment or more.

And much more ...