One glass,

1000 uses

Adaptable to all heads, the GYW connected glasses stand out for their simplicity and ease of positioning. The optical module can be placed anywhere in the field of vision and are reversible: they can be placed in front of your left or right eye. No need for a lensless frame if you don't wear glasses, use a headband or attach them to your helmet if you do. With its non-transparent optical prism, the GYW can be used outdoors without being bothered by sunlight. Sport, navigation, entertainment, this little tool has not finished surprising you!
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With the GYW mobile application, download the modules that interest you. Want to play sports and use a GPS? Install the Sport or Navigation module that will control your glasses...

Sport & Navigation

Enhance your sports experience with GYW. Free your hands and focus on the sport. View your sports performance from your smartphone: speed, miles traveled, energy used, elevation gain and more. Enjoy easy navigation with GPS right in front of you.



Video playback, use the glasses as a screen with an external video source. The optical module allows you to concentrate on a task by bringing essential information in front of your eye.


And much more...

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