The simpler, the better

An open-source


An application that meets your needs. Take control with customizable modules.

A simple


Keep only the essentials for ease of use.

Simple and complete!

Bluetooth connectivity

Receive and send data via Bluetooth 5.0.

Control from the smartphone

The glasses are an extension of your smartphone. They execute the commands sent by Bluetooth.

Control from the glasses

Buttons and accelerometer make it easy to control the glasses.

Video playing

Video playback from SD card or USB-C cable. Use your glasses as a secondary screen for your smartphone, computer or drone!

Audio playing

Built-in miniature speaker.

Removable Battery

A removable battery to easily extend its autonomy.

Adaptable to all heads

Headbands, eyeglass frames, helmet or cap attachments, there are a multitude of attachments to ensure ideal comfort.

Technical specifications

Optical module

  • Optical module
  • Resolution: 854 x 480

  • FOV: 20 degrés diagonal

  • Active area: 7.13 mm x 4.03 mm

  • Encoding: 16-bits color

  • Light intensity: 1300 nits


  • Bluetooth BLE 5.0

Batterie LiPo

  • 340 mAh

  • Removable

  • Power path

  • USB-C charging


  • CPU : cortex-A9 core, Max. 528MHz

  • SRAM interne : 4 MB

  • Flash memory: 64 MB

  • SD card: jusque 128GB
  • Accelerometre

  • Gyroscope

Audio & Vidéo

  • Audio and video playback via USB-C or SD card
  • Miniature speaker


  • 3 butons

  • Head movements

Optical module

The images are generated by an LCD screen and are then reflected by a mirror towards the user's eye. The images are seen through the optical prism. No support is necessary, the mirror is opaque allowing an outdoor use.



The glasses are connected to an external device via Bluetooth. This device sends the information and is displayed as an image in front of the user's eye.