Improve your business

with assisted reality



A new tool for a better work comfort. Information within sight reduces stress, eases memory and facilitates work.


With hands-free operation, the user remains in control and focused on the task at hand.


Direct access to information and hands-free operation saves time at work, no more searching for information, it is displayed right in front of the user's eye.

A connected 


Smart glasses and a dedicated application to improve worker productivity, comfort and safety.


A small tool with big results

Accelerated training

Information within sight, training in no time. Enable fast-track training by displaying instructions and helping people learn a new skill.

Reduction of the error rate

Information in front of the eye makes verification easier and more recurrent. Decrease error rate with information in front of your eyes

Help with orientation

No need to find your way in a warehouse, on the street or in a building. Enjoy a navigation aid while keeping your hands free.

Increased efficiency

Don't look for information, it comes to you. Optimize and digitalize your work processes. More flexibility and less waste of time, improve workers' efficiency.

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& affordable

Efficiency, sobriety and simplicity. Low-Tech glasses use the computing power of the smartphone to optimize the resources needed by the connected glasses. This approach allows the development of an affordable product with low power consumption that is lightweight!


Training time

Information within sight, training in no time. The monitoring and guidance of the glasses allow training in manual trades in record time. Supervision, guidance, learning the trade or empowerment: everything is possible.

Real time

Sending notification or work message in real time allows a dynamic work. Improve productivity with a new communication tool.


No onboard camera, no privacy problem.

Simple and complete!

Widely applicable

Thanks to their affordable price, connected glasses are accessible to new professions. The solution can be deployed on a large scale.

Designed for outdoor use

With an opaque optical module and IP67 rating, the glasses are designed to equip personnel who work outdoors.

A dedicated application

On request, an application based on your needs is created. Interface with your database and personalized information, make the most of this new tool.

Extended life span

Easily repairable, the glasses have an extended life span. The battery card is removable, which makes it easy to change the most fragile component.

A frugal innovation