Our glasses

Get Your Way offers an innovative solution: the combination of smart glasses and a dedicated mobile application. Thanks to the projection of information right in front of the eyes, work takes on a different dimension: reduction of work and training time, hands-free, improved safety, comfort and increased productivity.

The simpler, the better. GYW wants to offer a widely applicable and affordable solution. Thus, the glasses contain only what is necessary, what the user really needs.

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Our IT department will provide you with a tailor-made software solution to best suit your needs. As some would say: "The sky's the limit"


Our team

Maxence Culot

Business manager

Electronic engineer, ULiège


Nicolas Dessambre

Electronic engineer and communication manager

Electronic engineer, ULiège


Antoine Malherbe

Software engineer and financial manager

Software engineer, ULiège


Pierre Jenchenne

Mechanical engineer

Industrial engineer, Helmo Gramme